13 Year Old Malia Obama Has A Boyfriend: Can You Believe It?

Malia Obama With Her Family


Readers   please don’t be surprised; we are talking about none other than the President’s daughter. Mr. President’s daughter shared the secret with her grandma. Malia Obama who stepped in to her 13 on July 4told her grandma that she has a boyfriend.


You will be eager to know the reactions of Mr.Obama and the First Lady. They are cool, not at all annoyed. They are happy that their daughter has started enjoying her young life. Don’t think that she is walking with her boyfriend holding hands. That stage is over; Malia had experienced the first kiss.


Malia shares her feelings with her grandma Marian Robinson. Malia is a student of Sidewell Friends School. Michelle’s mother handled things in such a manner that the teen does not get hurt. Now Marian is teaching her how to handle things in a gracious way. Her crush has a desire to attend the parties in White House and join the Obama’s on their California trip. Marian comforted her grand daughter telling that it is not right to introduce a person who is 12 as your boyfriend. Little Malia is supposed to have understood her granny’s advice well.


Guess that the life at White House is not very boring .Malia enjoy your first crush.


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  1. angelic14_blossom says:

    Definitely too young to have a boyfriend on the age of 13! she understand her grandmother’s advice but maybe, in a different way..just enjoy your teenage life Malia and don’t rush things up..

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