Andrew Garfield is the new SPIDER-MAN for the movie The Amazing Spider-Man!

The Amazing Spider-Man Andrew Garfield

It is very difficult for an actor to participate in a movie that has been played from over than 13 “Spider-Men” and we think that Andrew Garfield may feel a little pressure. This came to us as a surprise when the previous “Spider-Man”, Tobey Maguire, gave an interview about the new Spider-Man movie.

What did the previous “Spider-Man” said about Andrew Garfield ?The Amazing Spider-Man Andrew Garfield

His exact words were “When it was coming together, I was particularly excited at two moments: one was when Marc Webb got involved. I think he’s an interesting and cool choice. And then I was certainly curious as to who was going to play Peter Parker. When I heard it was [Garfield], I was literally like, f**king perfect! I just want it to be great, and I thought, ‘What a great actor Andrew is.’ I’m glad that’s what’s happening here”. We are certain that Andrew Garfield will have a psychological boost from Tobey’s interview and will perform perfectly at The Amazing Spider-Man movie.

Andrew Garfield said: ” I just feel such a great responsibility to the story and to the fans “

Andrew Garfield also gave an interview and he said: ” Right now I have a host of fears that I’m contending with on a minute-to-minute basis … I’m the guy in suit and there’ll be another guy in the suit later on down the line. This whole celebrity myth is very new and interesting to me, whether one can just be an actor and also be in one of these roles. I just feel such a great responsibility to the story and to the fans, because I know in my heart how much this character means to people, because it means that much to me. For the sake of all the people who care about it as much as I do—I want to bring the character to life and make sure they’re as satisfied as they can possibly be.”. We are all waiting for this new movie and we are sure that it will be great like the previous were!

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