Avengers 2 is confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter!

Avengers 2 Marvel

Great news for all the Avengers fans because the Avengers 2 has been confirmed and it will be released in future. The Hollywood Reporter mabe an interview with Disney’s CEO Bob Iger and he has confirmed that the sequel of the Avengers will come up soon!

When will the Avengers 2 will be filmed ?Avengers 2 Marvel

Now they are at the middle of creating and filming other films like Iron Man 3, Thor 2 and Captain America 2. All these movies will be a paradise for all the Marvel fans and they (and WE!) should be expecting them in 2013. He said that Iron Man 3 and Thor 2 both will hit in 2013, Captain America 2 will come in 2014 and Avengers will be coming as soon as possible but no specific timeline for Avengers 2 can be given today!

Bob Iger’s actual interview!

Bob Iger said “The Avengers isn’t just a film, it’s a franchise from our perspective. Obviously, it was helped a lot by the success of the Iron Man movies and of Thor and Captain America. From ‘The Avengers’ we get a chance to make Thor 2 and Captain America 2 and Iron Man 3 and hopefully another Avengers movie. So this one film that is immensely successful is going to get a number of other films and franchises. We have an ability to leverage what was a very fun film done by a great group of filmmakers into something much bigger for the company and the effect will be prolonged and that’s very, very exciting for us.” Let us see where will the film will be shooted and if new heroes will be added to strengthen our Marvel team!

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