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Lady Gaga was hit by a pole!

Lady Gaga left with a Concussion from her Live! Lady Gaga will surely remember this show for a very long time, because things went a little “dizzy” during her singing! This took place during her live “Born This Was Way […]

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American Idol Hollie Cavanagh

American Idol latest news! Who will be the “STAR” ?

Now we are down to four participants at the American Idol and the heat is rising very dangerously! Who will be the next that will go to his/her

Justin Bieber Mother Day single

Justin Bieber released a new Mother’s Single Day – Turn To You

Just a few days before the Mother's Day Justin Bieber managed to create a new song and put it in his latest single "Turn to you". This song

Sen Bean and Georgina

Sean Bean accused and arrested for harrassing his former wife

At the previous week, the wife, Georgina Sutcliffe, of Sean Bean accused him of harrassing her in London. That was enough to lock the HBO star behind the

Harvard baseball team rocks on “Call Me Maybe”

What to do half a dozen members of the Harvard University baseball team, when they ran out to make the time to go a recent trip?If you guessed

John Travolta refuses any sexual assault to his masseur!

As we reported Monday, a $ 2 million lawsuit by an anonymous plaintiff who claims of being sexually assaulted by John Travolta while he was hired to massage

Russell Brand has “Katy Perry” Heckler During Stand-Up Show

Russell Brand completely turn him during his stand-up show in Atlantic City, NJ and it was so devastating that he had mocked by a heckler who was Katy

Miranda Lambert reconciled with Ashton Kutcher

Miranda Lambert is not straight, Ashton Kutcher, the get-up at this year's Academy of Country Music Awards. Was making fun of Ashton Kutcher country or is it just

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