Jim Morrison Remembered on 40th Anniversary of His Death

It is the 40th death anniversary of the former member of rock band “The Doors” Jim Morrison. As a way of remembering and honoring the lead singer and lyricist, former members and fans of The Doors light up candles at his grave located in Paris. Jim Morrison has been popular as a lead singer of a rock band and with his partygoer’s lifestyle.

Jim Morrison died on July 2, 1971 at the age of 27-years-old. It is said that the artist died because of heart failure in his bathtub. Since there is no evidence of foul play, there is no body autopsy performed. This has left many of the fans with questions about Jim Morrison.

Former members who take time to remember Jim Morrison are Ray Manzarek (keyboardist), and Robby Krieger (guitarist). Some of the fans even offer flowers to Jim’s grave. Others are participant with the remembering by wearing black T-shirts with white drawing of Jim Morrison’s face.

Jim Morrison aside from being a lead singer, he was also popular with his poetic statements. Morrison used to make impromptu poem passages while the band is performing. In the record, he was ranked as top 47 on Rolling Stone’s list of greatest singers of all time.

Jim Morrison is known to be the lyrical of The Doors. Together with Krieger, Morrison has made the lyrics of their biggest hits. Their popular songs include “Light My Fire”, “Love Her Madly”, “Love Me Two Times” and “Touch Me.”

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  1. vinz says:

    He ranked top on the list as the greatest singer of all times..He will always be remembered, specially his fans out there!

    • angelic14_blossom says:

      Does he still have his fans? It’s been 40 years ago..good things his fans still remembered! it is such a long time ago..not bad for him!

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