Tina Fey Back on ‘Saturday Night Live’ for Mother’s Day Celebration

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Tina Fey was back again in hosting SNL “Saturday Night Live” even if she is several months pregnant. The host is able to go back in her Sarah Palin costume.

Tina Fey as Sarah Palin

Right after the song number for mothers together with Maya Rudolph, she appeared as the politician Sarah Palin. This is her first speech as a monologue “It is great to be back on Fox News. This is a network that both pays me and shows me the questions ahead of time.” While continuing on her monologue, she was standing together with other candidates who were also good at their impersonations.

Maya Rudolph as Christina Aguilera one of her impersonations.

This is indeed an early Mother’s Day celebration for Tina Fey. There is lots of good stuff in the show including the “Under the Sea”, which is a tableau about Osama Bin Laden’s body dropped in a Lonely Island. This island was then interpreted as the one use in Pirates of the Caribbean where Michael Bolton makes fun of himself as Jack Sparrow.

Having Tina Fey as a host made the atmosphere more appropriate for the Mother’s day episode. The late part of the show highlights a perfect parody about Bravo’s hideous pregnant in Heels. This is made by Abby Elliot who is trying to capture the fake diction of host Rosie Pope. Other than this, Paul Brittain was again given a chance to do a solo taped of “The Hallmark Mother Collection for Weirdos.” Overall, the SNL show this week is a great quality.

Saturday Night Live, Tina Fey Mother’s Day Celebration

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