Vinny Guadagnino Snooki on pregnant women: she is human!

Jersey Shore star Vinny Guadagnino Snooki admits the pregnancy is not something he saw coming … and he was shocked … But hey, it’s not about to embark on the girl.”I did not expect it. But of course I’m not going to hate. This is real life stuff,” he said.Vinny, who is busy promoting his new book, The Crazy Control: Emphasizing My plan to stop, avoid drama and maintain inner cool , also praised his 24-year-old Housemate “superhuman” abilities, something to … or someone. Just kidding.In all honesty, she thinks Snooki will be a great mom .

“You can do extraordinary things,” he said. “At a party, they can drink more than anyone I’ve ever met, they may remain for a long time. It is superman . When that is true for their parents, they will actually be a good mother. “” It is like a human being I’ve ever met, “he added great praise is … mostly. We think.

Meanwhile, Vinny is also open about his struggle with chronic anxiety and depression that left him briefly Jersey Shore 5th in Season.”I have generalized anxiety disorder,” he told Celebuzz. “It may be a panic attack. But what really disturbs me, as you saw on the TV show, is that it can to set myself in a funk. It separates kind of link me around from everything myself.””It’s like a general depressed feeling.”

To make these feelings was Vinny Guadagnino says the Jersey Shore house party atmosphere, which he defended as more stressful than you think. “People have to say, ‘Oh, do whatever you is partying and having fun? How can make you anxious, the might not get, “he said.” We are kind of in a small bubble stuck. ”

” You do not want to put, if you are afraid. You want to have your friends and family around him. You do not want to be on camera 24 hours a day.” You start to feel inadequate, “he continued.” Everyone else is a good time and you’re like ‘Damn. What’s wrong with me? “It makes it even worse”I did it through the four seasons in order, so I was upset with myself anymore.”

Vin was, of course not the only cast member to tackle personal problems. The situation was in rehab for prescription drugs – which never saw Vin “He was just Mike,” he said. “I had no idea -. That’s his personality be honest I never say anything bad about him..”

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