Will Smith was almost kissed by a fan!

What Will Smith did when he “attacked” ?


At the premiere in Moscow of the “Men in Black 3” film we had a very interesting attempt from a Will Smith’s fan. When Will Smith was walking unaware at the red carpet and was posing with his family for the photographers a “fan” came near to shake his hand, for starters! Then he tried to kiss him in the chicks and after that he tried to kiss him to his mouth. This is when Will Smith step away from this strange fan and slapped him ih the face, and I think that he deserved it! Nothing exceptional happened after that, but Will asked him if he has a problem and why did he do that in front of his family. But who was that passionate fan that “attacked” Will Smith ?


A few words for the “kisser”!


He is an Ukrainian reporter, really famous to his country, and he is known for the pranks he does to the local celebrities of his country. His name is Vitalii Sediuk but his prank didn’t go very well, because Will Smith managed to plant him a really nice slap. Vitalii Sediuk tried to apologize for his act and he said that it was a very emotional moment. His exact words was “I’m sorry, Will. It was a splash of emotion.” but I do not think that Sediuk really means it. Except from the emotional excuse Sediuk said he also claims that the kissing is a Slavic tradition if you respect a man, I still do not believe him! He gave an interview to Hip Hollywood and he said “I do apologize for my behavior. I think it was too much. Will Smith is a person who I deeply respect as an actor. When I met him in Moscow, I wanted to do something to impress him. We have a Slavic tradition. I don’t kiss every man or women when I see them in the street but that time I decided to do that. Next time, if I meet him, I’ll just shake his hand.”. I am sorry Sediuk but I do not think that you will be allowed to reach him that close at next time!

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